Thursday, February 15, 2007

Annie got a furm

I dropped Annie off at Canine Design in Mission this morning. This dog has been shedding like a crazy lady. I don't really mind it, but I was pretty embarrassed when I cam home from work one day last week to find one of Chris' future business partners sitting in the hairiest place in the entire house...on the couch where Annie sits and waits for us all day long. The "furminator treatment" or "a furm" perm...removes dead hair. Annie looks no different except for the groomer cut the hair on her toes and I always really liked them because they reminded me of The Grinch.

Annie is very tired and since she wasn't home all day, I'll be sad when I go to bed and she hasn't left us our nightly present...

Seriously...Annie leaves two pieces of her dog food in our bed almost every night. I was pretty annoyed at first because, inevitably, I would get into bed and more often than not I would put my elbow directly on the small pieces of food. It's almost like grinding your funny bone into a rock. Now I think it's kind of charming.

Somebody get me some help if my blog turns into a daily update about my dog...

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