Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh Mexico

The bird obsession doesn't even escape me in Rocky Point, Mexico. Yep, I just returned from Rocky Point, where my company's entire marketing team went down to Phoenix for some meetings and then on to Rocky Point for "work". Ha.

I was THRILLED to get out of this cold winter weather for a few days. It was sunny and 78 degrees. There were flowers. I saw the color green in the landscape! I can't wait for that little peek of spring in Kansas City!

I also relized that I am a total blog nerd. I took about 75 pictures on my trip that I took with 20 people. Only one photo had people in it! I think I'm constantly thinking BLOG BLOG BLOG and need to break free from that habit.

We stayed at a condo provided by our ad agency. These were FANCY condos. I had a roomie, but the two of us were in a 2600 square foot condo with a huge balcony overlooking the two pools, two hot tubs and then onto the Sea of Cortes.

The best part about the place was that it was 20 minutes from town, so we were pretty much the only ones on he beach. The lack of shell collectors was quite evident because there were literally JILLIONS and JILLIONS of shells on this beach. There was also a dead dolphin and dead seal, but I spared you all from those pictures.

We went on a pretty uneventful and very windy boat cruise one afternoon. It was only an hour and a half long ride and the girls on our team from Arizona were absolutely freezing. Gloves. Blankets. Fleeces with hoods. I was so happy to have my feet feeling the sun in my flip flops.

I guess Rocky Point is the shrimp capital of Mexico and there were hundreds of cool old shrimp boats in the marina. Hey, Jesus Garcia...your boat is cool.

This was a pretty sunset one night during one of our cocktail hours.

Low tide. Because it was a full moon, the tides were very dramatic. During low tide, the water became very calm and receded the length of about three city blocks leaving tide pools and shells.

Yes I actually woke up before sunrise one morning. That doesn't happen very often to me, especially while on vacation, but the sunrise was worth it.

More shells in the sand.

A few of the girls joining me for a walk on the beach before breakfast.

Low tide exposed the tide pools, mossy green rocks and beds of corral.

For those of you that want to dream of the beach...I recorded a few seconds of the sounds of the waves hitting the shore. Enjoy.

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