Saturday, May 24, 2008

When it rains, it pours

No, I don't mean those massive thunderstorms that woke me up at 5 this morning. It's good news...again. I've been accepted into the Prairie Village Art Show. I was on the wait list and a spot opened up for me on Thursday night. I had to do some serious thinking about it as I have the River Festival in mid-June, just two weeks after the Prairie Village Show.

I surveyed my inventory and I have more than 85 pieces. I think I can swing it. Chris was good enough to give me the "out" and skip out on a rehearsal dinner in Manhattan tonight, giving me an extra day to work. I am joining him for the wedding tomorrow, but the extra day will be great. (By the way, I sure am tired of sleeping in hotels. This will be the third weekend in a row.)
I'll have a weekend in between PV and River Festival where I really hope to crank out a few more pieces. Ah stress. Gotta love it.

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