Thursday, June 11, 2009

River Festival

I'm off to show in the River Festival this weekend. I've had my nose to the grindstone putting in 20 hours on Saturday and Sunday alone. I've learned I'm quite the procrastinator. Sure, I could have been working in the "studio" all winter long to prepare for this show, but I decided to wait until the last three weeks when the weekends are gorgeous and it's next to impossible to be relegated to the basement. Oh well...

I should have pics and scans of the new work to share when I return. I have two new "products" collaged frames where people can insert their own photo into the collage and small pieces on 4x4 scrap wood. We will see how they do!

If any of you are in the Salina area or are really itchin' for some funnel cakes and deep fried twinkies and decide to make the weekend of it, look me up in booth 40 of the craft section.

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