Thursday, April 26, 2007

My apologies

I apologize that I haven't been good about updating the blog lately. I don't have much to report on because I have been hard at work in my "cinder block studio" trying to get some pieces done for the PV art Show. I've determined that I need to finish two pieces each day to get the desired number of pieces for the show. Well...I'm a long way from two pieces per day. I actually plan to take the day off from work on Monday to get some pieces done!

I promise to scan and post them here as soon as they are ready for viewing.

I also have a desire to start posting a few pieces to just to see what happens. It seems that all of the really great home decor and design sites that I check out refer to Etsy quite a bit. Who knows...maybe I could get "discovered" on there!?

Not much else is new in my life. I've told Chris that we need to plan a vacation just so I have something to talk about. We are boring. Check back soon.

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