Monday, June 09, 2008


Have you ever seen the end of the rainbow? You know with a pot of gold and a smiling little leprechaun? I was driving home from a meeting late last week after a crazy rainstorm. Suddenly a rainbow appeared. I get all giddy like a little girl. I will go so far as to call my sister or Chris to see if they can also see the rainbow. Seeing that Chris was in Omaha, I doubted he could share in my wonderment. So, being the prepared blogger that I am, I pulled my camera from my purse while driving along I-635 over I-35 and captured the true end of a rainbow. It literally ended on the road just in front of my car. Pure craziness. There was no pot of gold.


iAMsunshine033 said...

Ha! You're not the only one :)

russell said...

the pot of gold is the photograph! it's awesome!

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