Friday, October 03, 2008

I Have a Dream

So...I've never even met Tucker, the girl whom I'm writing this post about today. I know her Dad, Dave, though. I know how much he loves his girls and if you could witness for just a small moment the love and passion that he has for his family, you would immediately join in his efforts to find a cure for juvenile diabetes.

Now, Chris and I don't have kids, but plenty of you reading this right now have already have little ones or will some day. I don't want any one of your children to experience what Tucker has experienced everyday since she was diagnosed at the age of one with juvenile diabetes. Dave tells me that a cure will happen in our lifetime. Let's not wait until someone that we love is affected with this disease. Be proactive and donate to find a cure today!

On October 11th, Tucker and her team will walk for a cure. Go Team Tucker!

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