Thursday, October 16, 2008

NYC or bust

Our anniversary is right around the corner. FIVE YEARS! FIVE YEARS? How did the time fly by so quickly?

A few nights ago, I pulled out a few pictures from our honeymoon in Hawaii and we looked so very young. (Mental note: Talk to Lisa about investing in better eye cream.)

Our anniversary is October 25th to be exact. We will be celebrating at the Kansas versus Texas Tech game in Lawrence. I've threatened to renew my vows at half time of the game. Maybe Gayle could read the Apache Blessing since she appropriately emails it to me every year on our anniversary.

If our marriage survives this election, Chris and I plan to go to New York City to celebrate FIVE YEARS of blissful marriage. Now, we did have to plan our travels around the election. I'm not sure how I feel about being in New York with Chris if the outcome isn't what he wants. Ouch. Could be a long vacay. Just kidding. I'm sure we will have a wonderful time, but this is where YOU come in...

We are New York City virgins and would love ideas and thoughts on where to go. At this point, there are no plans except that we are staying near Times Square in an outrageously priced hotel that might otherwise be $99 in a city like Kansas City.

Would love your feedback!


Emily and Eric said...

The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art - east side of Central Park - gorgeous) and MOMA (Museum of Modern Art - Midtown)for some art inspiration. And save room in your luggage because their gift shops are great!!

Sue Safer said...

China Town!!! The double decker bus tour is also kind of fun.

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