Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Big Apple: Day 1

Chris and I are back from celebrating our five year anniversary in New York City. It was a total blast and I think we are both ready to go back for more! We walked and walked and walked. We ate. We drank. We drank and ate. We shopped.

There is so much to see and do in New York City. I feel like we just barely touched on it, but yet saw so many things.

I'll try to update the blog with pictures over the next few days...

Day 1: We walked from our hotel in Times Square to Central Park. It was cloudy and a little misty, but the trees were beautiful.

After our walk in Central Park, we walked to a restaurant and ate lunch in a sweet little cafe. We walked some more and headed back to our hotel. We had dinner that night at Balthazar in Soho. Then we stumbled across a few - by a few I mean FOUR bars - near NYU and discovered that we could still have fun just the two of us being crazy in a bars. One of them was called Wicked Willy's - it's a Pirate bar complete with a beer pong table and a tag line that says Time Flies When You Are Having RUM. Enough said. I had a bit of a wicked hangover the next morning.

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