Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Big Apple: Day 3

I really know how to drag this out, don't I? three in New York City. We woke up a little late and tried to find a ferry to take us to Ellis Island. Unfortunately the ferry tour take 3-4 hours and we didn't have that much time since Carrie and Dale were coming up to visit us from Philly in the early afternoon. So, we head back to Soho for breakfast at a local pub and then to the Upper East side to a KU alumni bar to watch the KU vs. Nebraska game. The only problem was that the bar that had promised they would have it earlier in the week had decided it was too expensive to get the game on pay-per-view. So, we headed back toward Times Square and met Carrie and Dale at a bar there. Turns out it was a pretty good thing that we missed the game. From there we went to the W Hotel bar and then to Little Italy and Chinatown. We had dinner at a little sidewalk Italian joint. And then enjoyed the "best cannoli on the planet" at Palermo, where we ate it right at the counter.

This sweet little man serenaded us at dinner...

Senior pictures in Times Square, late night...

After Little Italy, we went to the Soho Grand Hotel for drinks at the bar. And then, we landed back at Wicked Willy's that Chris and I had discovered Thursday night.. This time there were jello shots and a pole on the stage. Enough said.

It was so much fun that Carrie and Dale ended up crashing in our room rather than heading back to Philly that night, which was the original plan.

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