Thursday, March 15, 2007

Drumroll, please!

A very special envelope arrived in the mail today! A "Congratulations. You've been accepted to the Prairie Village Art Show" letter! Needless to say, I'm absolutely thrilled. According to the letter, more than 350 artists applied to the show and 90 were accepted.

If you've followed my blog since I launched it back in October, you may be asking yourself, "Is the same Prairie Village Art Show that she said she talked her way into?" Well, kind of, but not really. I had a conversation with the director of the show in October and told her about my interest in participating. I was encouraged by the conversation and decided to send the director an email in February as a "reminder." She never replied, so I went ahead and went through the process of getting slides made from my electronic images. I've now come to realize that I had the wrong email address for her and she never received my email. So, I'd like to think I got in based on my work and not in my sly way of talking my way into things.

I think that it will be great to participate in my very first art show so close to home. Not only do I love the neighborhood and I'll surely have friendly faces stopping by (friends, family and blog readers...wait - my blog readers are only family and friends), but it will be so nice to try this thing so close to home. If I forgt something, it's only 3 minutes away.

Now I must get busy with my work. I've just felt so unmotivated since the holidays. This is exactly the kick in the pants that I've needed. There is so much to do. I need a tent. New supplies - canvases, paints, brushes. Antique letters and ephemera. Business cards. Credit card machine. Oy!

Luckily, I will finally have some work to share with you here. I started this blog to share my work and techniques and I've been bombarding you with stories about my dog and my bathroom. So sorry!

Anyway...yeah me! I'm SO excited.

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Kara said...

Yay you! I can't wait! <3 Kara

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