Thursday, March 01, 2007


There are just a few blogs that I read of them is design*sponge. It has great ideas about home design and indie artists and just some really cool stuff. I'm reading it tonight because I haven't checked in on it for a few days. What did I find about halfway down the page, but a link from Lena Corwin's site about the coolest dresser she found at rePop in Brooklyn. Yes, the same rePop that Russell and Carl opened and where my few small pices are on display. Yeah for Russell and Carl because I'm sure they are being bombarded with traffic from this very cool and very free publicity. Also, the comments on the blog make mention of how cute the owners are...go Russell and Carl. through to rePop and scroll down on the pictures on the left side of their page. The picture with the vintage white leather barber chairs have my little, bitty pieces in the background. The pictures must be a little old because I know that at least one of those pieces sold. Woo Hoo!

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