Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turkey Day and stuff

Kansas vs. Nebraska Homecoming to take the Jayhawks to 10-0.

So, my camera is still out of commish, but as Lisa quickly points out, there is so much stuff for me to tell you about and it doesn't all have to be told through pictures...

Thanksgiving was great. Very relaxed for once. We stayed in Kansas City the entire weekend, which made me miss my family, but we still had a great time and wonderful turkey day food over at the in-laws. The only bummer was the lack of leftovers. I believe I could have spoken up and taken my fair share home, but I had already stuffed myself and couldn't fathom the thought.

I had a hankering to recreate the Thanksgiving Day sandwich from the cute little sub and ice cream shop in Vail. They serve everything from Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich - on a french baguette. It might sound disgusting, but it is pure goodness complete with dressing and cranberries and all. Shepherd's pie with leftovers is one thing, but this sandwich is the B-O-M-B.

The blissful Thanksgiving weekend was cut a little short with having to work Black Friday. Life in the retail biz is for the birds come the holidays. Seriously, it's not even December and I'm ready for Christmas to be over.

There was light at the end of the tunnel with the most significant KU football game I will likely every witness in my life...Kansas vs Missouri with the winner getting a possible chance to play in the National Championship game. What? The Jayhawks? College Game Day? Arrowhead?National Championship? Cut to the chase...we lost.

I was more nervous for this game than I was my own wedding. Seriously. My dad witnessed me wash down a handful Tums with a can of sugarfree Red Bull. No sleep and nerves. Not a fun combo.

Chris wrangled up his tailgating dream...a 50 passenger motorcoach complete with a bathroom for 50 of his closest friends. (It ended up being really 50 of Trajan's closest friends, but who's counting anyway?) The tailgate was complete with 500 cans of beer, BBQ brisket and ham sandwiches, beans, homemade brownies and simply not enough of Karen Lane's special deviled eggs.

The bus was great. Going with friends was great. Traffic was not so great and the crowd control was pure craziness. The Jayhawks tried their darnest, but the Tigers won out in the end. It didn't take away from our season. What a great ride this has been! I'm a bit depressed that the end is drawing near, but not until our bowl is announced on Sunday. It looks like we will be Fiesta Bowling it for the New Year!

This is a sad and very depressed Nebraska fan from Homecoming weekend. KU blew them out of the water.

Chris perform pre-tailgate duties. The "lucky" football beard really did turn out to be pretty lucky this year. Maybe he should keep it for basketball season.

Post-game Chris. Not too happy about the 'Hawks.

Did I mention that Chris "just happened" to have a giant red Sharpie in his cargo pants that came out at the bar following the game? Not only did Chris sign his autograph on every "baldy" in sight, he also managed to autograph Ward's favorite trucker hat. Chris got his, though, when Caitlin signed his neck and "lucky" beard. Our pillowcases are now ruined, but at least it was good for a bit of a laugh. Oh, Lisa alos drew red freckles on my face and I gave her a Rudolph nose, but we knew what we were doing.

Nick was able to come to Kansas City for Thanksgiving. Lucky for him, we had a few extra tickets to the big game.

Some Randy Random from Lew's. I think I liked his hat. Wear a rat hat = Cassie will talk to you for hours even if there does appear to be droplets of fresh blood on your jacket.

Oops. I drowned my sorrows a bit too much. This is O.B. = Original Baldy.


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