Sunday, December 02, 2007

We're going to Miami

I wish we could go back to this summer at the Chicago Cubs game when the random Jayhawk fan behind us at the game declared that KU would go to the Orange Bowl. We laughed it off that day. Ha! The Jayhawks are going to Miami. Orange Bowl, baby.

Chris was so confident about which bowl we were going to go to that he booked our flights 30 minutes prior to the BCS selection show. Thank God for the internet, fan boards, blogs and text messaging for our clues to the outcome of our destination. Oh, and thank God for American Airlines points.

We spent much of the weekend decorating for the holidays only to find out that the outlet on the front of the house (the one we plug our outdoor lights into does not work). Boo. Cue the electrician because we WILL have lights on our house this year.

In the bottom of one of the ornament boxes I found this hat for Annie. Em gave it to her a few years ago and she absolutely hates it. We have to break it out once a year. It's a penguin with red earmuffs and it is good for an annual chuckle.

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