Friday, December 28, 2007

Over already?

Is Christmas over already? I feel like retailers have been cramming Christmas down my throat since August. Now it's over and I'm a little melancholy.

Our Christmas shenanigans started off last Friday with a recreation of Christmas Eve a few days early to appease the in-laws since their only child was being taken hostage in Salina, Kansas for the actual day. On Saturday, Moe and Eric headed to Kansas City despite snowy weather. Ward came over and we gorged on Pei Wei, wine and beer. Em and Ben brought Ellie over a little later for a furious game of Catch Phrase. Man, I love that game.

Early Sunday, we packed up the Expedition with Baby Ellie and all and headed to Salina. Nick was home, so it was great to see him. My dad's kitchen has been remodeled and it is NICE. I could sleep on his new granite island. Mind you, we had to share steak knives as he and Barb are still gathering all of the necessities that a new, huge kitchen can handle. We spent the day drinking wine, eating candied nuts and playing more Catch Phrase following our dinner of halibut and salmon that my dad and brother caught in Alaska.

Off to mom's to hang with my "new brothers" Gabe, Andrew and Jeff. We had 11 people in my mom's house. Chris and I have been bumped from our room to make way for a baby crib. Luckily, we still had a bed.

We went to early church on Christmas Eve. Apparently that is when all of the children go to church because I could look out over the crowd and every thing was moving, kids coughing, moving, banging sets of keys meant for entertainment against the pew. No sermon. Ellie was great though. To Country Club for my new "dad's" family Christmas and then presents at my new "grandma's" house. She treated us like we were her own. Ellie was the star of the show being passed from lap to lap.

Christmas morning meant presents with my mom and siblings. Chris bought Ellie her first ornament on his own. It was very sweet! Mom got two presents that will eventually bring her to Kansas City - tickets to Reba and a gift certificate to the Culinary Center. We gave Nick a new Nano as a Christmas and birthday combo and because we don't know where he will end up after graduation when he enters the military full-time. I was most excited about Ben's gift...the Flight of the Conchords DVD.

Back to KC for more Christmas with the Lanes. Bean soup Christmas night and more wine. On Wednesday, we recreated Christmas morning and Chris was proud of his traditional "plucking bread", better known to me as "roll balls". We opened socking, which are giant panty hose legs stuffed to the brim with individually wrapped presents. Mine overflowed into an "annexed" bag. I am the definition of spoiled at that house. These aren't chumpy little thing either...Skittles, 6 pairs of socks, gift cards, hats, scarfs, Orange Bowl t-shirts, lotions, rice vinegar (yes, rice vinegar), you name it.

We stayed until 4 lounging around and talking. it's over and I'm a little sad. Target has Valentine's Day stuff out already. On to the next holiday...

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