Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Moe was among my "clients" to commission a piece of artwork as a Christmas gift. I tried a new technique and did the collage on a piece of masonite. Overall, I was proud of how both piece turned out. They are meant to lean against a wall or placed on a shelf together.

These are Moe's parents back in their hippie days. It is such a priceless picture!

Moe and Nash in the early days. This piece is smaller at 4x4", while the other is 8x8". Here is the very sweet email that I received from Moe's mom last week...

Cassie, Cassie, Cassie,
YOU ARE AWESOME! I LOVED the gift from Emily that you did. IT IS SOOOOOOOOO NEAT! I can honestly say that it is the first gift I have ever received that I was totally speechless. I knew the tears were coming and I just sat there and looked at it and couldn't speak. I love it and I thank you for all the thought and creativity that went in to it! Having done a few little pieces of artwork, I can appreciate all the work that went in to it. You have some great ideas and techniques! I hope you and Chris have a wonderful NEW YEAR and that you all have a safe and fun time at the ORANGE BOWL!

Love, Cindy

I don't ever like to toot my own horn, but I just thought this was too sweet not to share.

And, yes, we are off to the Orange Bowl tomorrow morning. Another Jayhawk win would be a pretty wonderful birthday gift!

Cheers! Go Jayhawks.

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