Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big 12 Shenanigans

My camera is on the blink again, but it miraculously worked for just a bit this weekend. I guess I got some sand in it in Mexico. Anyway, what a fun weekend! We scored some last minute tickets from Ward to the KU game on Friday. It was a fun win and we headed straight across the street for some more fun with Lisa and Reid.

The shenanigans continued on Saturday when we headed back down to the Sprint Center. We didn't have tickets to the game, but we were meeting my family and friends to watch the game in a bar. Chris snuck off to meet his friends in another bar and ended up scoring another ticket to Saturday's game. Moe arrived after a long drive from Chicago and we stayed downtown all day AND night. We had an absolute blast!

Since we had such a blast, Em, Chris and I headed via cab to Taco Bell. I felt like I was back in college again as we asked the cabbie to pull through the drive thru. Chris asked if they still carried Cheesey Gordita Crunch? They said yes. He asked, "How...many...do you have?" They replied, obviously, "How many do you want?" Em and I had the giggles the rest of the way home.

On Sunday, we shuffled across the street for brunch with Em and my dad. Around 1, I received a message that Ward had another pair of tickets in the lower level for the KU vs. Texas game for FREE. I considered it, but my headache was a little too much to bear. So, we declined the tickets.

At the last minute, I called Ward back to see if he could take Chris to his car near the Sprint Center since it was still there from the night before. We had two minutes to get Chris over to Ward's house, so he could save me a trip down there to take Chris myself. The next thing I know Chris called to say that has lucked into yet another ticket and was stayed for the game in all of his Sunday grubby, scruffy hair beauty. Lucky he did, it was a great game!

Go 'Hawks!

Lisa contemplates the Road to the Final Four...

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