Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Hey y'all. I might be a little behind in the world of television, but have you all watched Friday Night Lights yet? Chris and I rented the entire first season on Netflix and, man, is it GOOD! We got addicted and watched 3-4 episodes a night for several weeks. 22 total episodes! I'm pretty sure I want to move to Texas and marry a high school football coach. Sorry Chris, but this show is so awesome that I could leave KC behind for some Dillon Panther action.

The next season comes out on DVD in mid-April and I cannot wait. You can catch the show for free online, but I swore I wouldn't cheat. This show has all the stuff you love in a show...high school drama, marriage, love, sex, family, relationships, humor, but not really in that order. Pray that Season 3 comes out following the writer's strike.

Does anyone else love this show as much as me!?


Kansas City said...

We do! Since we are losers (or parents) we don't go out on Friday nights anymore. So, we pretty much stay at home, drink beer, and watch FNL. It is good...

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