Tuesday, April 08, 2008

March Madness, Baby!

Really nothing is better in this world than March Madness. Nope, not even Christmas. I go through withdrawals after I hear One Shining Moment at the end of the tournament and come to to the realization that basketball is over until Late Night in the Phog rolls around in the fall.

What a year for Kansas Athletics! We were lucky enough to witness an Orange Bowl win and then to go on to win the NCAA tournament in the manner that we did was simply amazing. I'm still in disbelief! I have to admit that I thought the game was over with 2 minutes to go, but we hung on and the stars aligned. Everything went our way for once. Mario Chalmers hit the biggest shot in Kansas basketball history, possibly in the history of the NCAA tournament. This is the game that will be talked about for decades. Truly a miracle!

My brother was crazy enough to drive 18 hours from Bozeman, Montana to be in Lawrence for the championship game. Towards the end of the game, I was beginning to imagine his drive back on Tuesday following a heartbreaking loss. Turns out it was the craziest, but most rewarding, trip for a Jayhawk fan who isn't lucky enough to be surrounded by fans that share his love for KU basketball without traveling halfway across the country.

Chris and I left for Lawrence following the game and headed to Mass St. to meet Nick. He had clearly been having a great time along with the other 40,000 people that had flocked to the heart of Lawrence. There were babies in strollers and toddlers, who will clearly not remember the miracle game. There were couches burning in front of the Beta house. Fist fights over stolen beer. Intoxicated, INTOXICATED students. But it was all worth it. Chris loved having a beer at The Wheel. We stayed until last call and made it back to KC by 3 a.m. Still too jazzed to sleep, we watched the last 20 minutes of the game and One Shining Moment one more time before bed.

Did any of you see the "Stay Classy, Lawrence" ads all over the Internet? Apparently, this fan didn't.

OK...so I tried to upload a video of the celebration, but after 30 minutes it appears to be way to large to upload. Sorry.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

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