Sunday, April 27, 2008


Em and I took Ellie to the park for a little ride on the swings. She absolutely loved it. Get a load of that chunky little leg. Love it!

Here she is looking a little perplexed. Perhaps the older boys that were playing basketball nearby had her a little curious.

Ellie and her BFF Annie again. I actually think she is getting a little tired of Em and shoving Annie in her face because we just aren't getting the reaction from Ellie that we did the first time they were officially introduced.

Ellie got baptized on Sunday, so family was in town for a majority of the weekend. Other than that, Chris and I went to Lidia's, I got a pedicure and got to see my parents. Hey, life is good.

I have completed eight pieces in the last week, so there is progress being made in that area. I also sold a piece on Etsy. I tried my hand at staging a piece and maybe that is what did the trick. That or the free shipping.

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