Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tomatoes and moth balls

Have you ever smelled moth balls?

How did you get their legs apart?

Pah dum dum.

Moth balls are just one of ten of the suggestions to stop squirrels from eating your tomatoes. You see, I have four huge tomato plants with huge green tomatoes that I've been babying for months. So far, only two of these babies have turned the blush that tomatoes should just before they should be picked. But, just like the last few summers where I tested my green thumb, the tomatoes are stolen by the stupid squirrels that infest our neighborhood. So, this might not seem like a big deal, but considering the sheer amount of time spent staking, watering and swatting mosquitoes I am sick and tired of it.

We've tried cages, fencing, full strength bobcat urine...but last night I googled a few other options because these things weren't doing the trick. Among the suggestions were moth balls (hence the lame joke), dog hair, bone blood meal (huh?), human hair among other things. I've also heard that plastic snakes might do the trick.

So I set out for plastic snakes at Target last night. They don't sell large plastic snakes anymore like they did in the old days. So I settled for the most realistic plastic lizard I've ever seen and a plastic sleeve of small plastic wormy, snakey things.

I placed the lizards and worms last night and Chris sprayed the bobcat urine. So, here's to hoping for bright red tomatoes.

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