Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh so good

The new House House a Go Go opens at The Legends on Friday night! Oh my goodness...this is my new favorite restaurant. Chris and I enjoyed a free lunch there today because one of the perks of my real job is to try out new restaurants when they open at the shopping center.

Hash House specializes in twisted farm food. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner...I can't wait to try the breakfast and lunch. The portions are gigantic! Think Cheesecake Factory on steroids and WAAAY better. Some of their menu items include one pound hamburgers - two patties with stuffing in between like ham and egg with smoked cheddar or mashed potatoes and bacon! The Andy's sage fried chicken salad was served in a bowl so big that the waitress had to use both hands to pick it off the table. It was so huge that a small child could have bathed in it. The pancakes are 18 inches in diameter. The chicken pot pie is as big as your head. And the presentation makes the awe of the portion sizes have a secondary wow factor.

If you are in the area, you must check it out...They are two other locations in San Diego and Las Vegas, but who can go wrong in Kansas City, Kansas. Martha Stewart and Dr. Phil have paid visit and you should, too!

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