Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Shows

I liked the first one so much that I'm ready for more. This week I found out that I was accepted to Omaha's Art on the Pointe show. It's September 14-16. I'm really look forward to this one. It's small - 50 artists. The big perk, though, is that it is located in a great shopping center with Nebraska's only Apple, Coach and other shops like Gap and Banana Republic. I visited the area in May and I can't wait to return.

Tuesday brought some additional good news about a show in Parkville. Get this...I didn't even have to apply. They invited me because they saw my work at the Prairie Village show. Art at Park is October 14 & 14 in Parkville, Missouri on the Park University campus. I'm sure this is a small show as well, but right up my alley.

I ordered about 50 more canvases this week, but this was before I got the news on these two shows. I better order more ad I better get cranking on producing some inventory!

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