Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I finally completed Ross' commissioned Plaza pieces on Sunday. They look very different than my usual pieces, but I think they turned out pretty well. Ross seemed to like them, so that is what matters, right!?

Little did I know that Ross commissioning some pieces also meant that Chris and I were responsible for hanging the five pieces in his Plaza condo. There was a lot of math and measuring involved, but we completed the task.

Em and I went to Lawrence on Saturday morning for the KU game. We convinced my mom to drive two hours from Salina to meet us at 9:30 and shop for just two hours. My dad arrived at 11:30 and we did the ol' parent switcheroo. The KU game was a little bit boring with a huge lead by halftime. The highlight of the game for Em and I might have been a cowboy boot-clad Todd Reesing appearance at half-time. Em ruined it for me when she told he was probably six when I started college. Geez.

Wm, dad and I went to the Eldridge Hotel after the game for a bit. Russell Robinson came in with his mom after the game. The entire place broke into applause. How weird would it be to walk into a restaurant and have the whole place erupt. I will probably never know...

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