Saturday, January 19, 2008

Something new to obsess about

I picked up Amy Butler's Midwest Modern book yesterday. Some of you might recognize her fabrics. She also creates patterns for purses, quilts, hats, aprons, you name it. The books showcases her house and studio. What a cool chica!

Mrs. Woodard's Home Ed class wasn't enough to teach me any sewing skills. Despite my mom also being a wiz on the sewing machine, I can't sew to save my life. These fabrics might be a reason to learn though.

You can see more at Purl Soho. I've also seen them at Urban Arts & Crafts at Briarcliff.

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Lisa said...

I dont know how to email you from your blog - so i thought i would post. I saw from my website stats that you are a referring blog. THANK YOU! I also am a fan of cathy rose, lynne whipple = and now i will have to add you. nice commissions :) and thanks for adding my link :)

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