Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Mystery Girl's Sunday night and another weekend passed without a chance to get into the "studio" and finish any work. My entire afternoon was spent at Lowe's in a desperate search for a toilet and sink and all of the hardware necessary for a bathroom remodel. This is my third trip to Lowe's for this very purpose and still no bathroom purchases.

I've been secretly coveting a RoomBa for some time now - you know...the iRobot vacuum cleaner. I thought I might get it for Christmas, but I knew if I did I would have been pissed that I had actually received a vacuum for a Christmas gift. So...I'm happy to report that we discovered the RoomBa in the toilet aisle. I did end up leaving Lowe's with it since it was more than $100 off. I had to have it. Annie is one shedding machine and this might make my life a little easier. If only they could invent one that remove the dog hair from the couches...

Chris and I spent a good deal of the evening watching the RoomBa clean the floor. I pretty sure I could have manually vacuumed twice in the time we spent watching the RoomBa work its magic. It was worth seeing Annie in such a confused tizzy about the newest gizmo in the house.

The piece above was completed a few months ago. The antique love letter is signed "Yours Truly...The Mystery Girl." I think that "Mystery Girl" is pretty fitting since my friend Roshni was accusing me of "leading a secret life" by not telling anyone about my art. The word is out that I have a blog only to a select few. I guess I'm not so mysterious any longer.

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