Saturday, January 13, 2007

Puerto Vallarta

Back from a very short trip to Puerto Vallarta. It was so nice and relaxing. I think I should book a warm, tropical trip once a year just to keep my sanity. Here are some pics...

This is Our Lady of Guadalupe Church next to the Bay. I was on a mission to get Our Lady trinkets for a friend - you now who you are. There was a Spanish service (obviously) taking place while we were there. Little nuns sold little trinkets on tables outside of the door.

The last sunset of 2006. We sat in a bar and sipped on Coronas and Pacificos, while we watched the sun go down.

This is me trying to take some cool, Spanish architectural pictures. This is also a shot from the same bar overlooking the Bay where I took the sunset picture. All I had to do was turn in my chair and I could see the moonrise and sunset at the same time.

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