Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh well...

I received a regret email from the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. More than 2,400 artists applied to the show! I had less than a 1% chance of being accepted. It's OK though. I still feel good for trying. I'll continue to apply to shows, but I think I'll stick with more of the mid-level shows.

I stayed home from work today with every intention of organizing and working on a few new pieces. Instead I went to the gym and the bookstore, where I bought another home magazine - shocking! Even better...I got my baby fix by visiting baby Thea and then baby Campbell came to visit me! They are the sweetest and worth a PTO day anytime. I wasn't sure how Annie would react to a baby in the house, but she just wanted to sniff and give kisses.

I have to finish this post because "The Hills" starts in 9 minutes. One of my guiltiest pleasures. I have to see if whatsherface is preggers.

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