Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Still waiting

Artists that are selected for the Cherry Creek Art Festival's Emerging Artist program should be notified on Friday. While I know that there is a slimmer than slim chance that I would ever be selected, I'm still checking my e-mail constantly to see if I've received notification in advance. As if they might let me know before the other 2,000 people that applied to the show.

So...I wait.

Everyone that knows me knows that I have a magazine addiction. I've been trying to wean myself off of subscriptions. For a while I was receiving Lucky, Oprah, Cooking Light, Country Living, ELLE Decor and I could hardly make a trip to the store without picking up US Weekly. It's bad that I spend so much on magazines (which I DO read), but it's worse that I keep them!

Recently we've been thinking about finishing our basement, so it's been a good reason to go through all of the home magazines at least and tear out projects and ideas that I could see using in the basement or in any other future home projects. I feel very proud that I've sent huge stacks of magazines to the recycling bin this week.

Today on my lunchbreak, however, I picked up three more magazines and a Pottery Barn book that focuses on storage and display. $35 later, I have more pages to tear and place into my nifty orange binder of dream home ideas.

One of the magazines I picked up was Martha Stewart's new magazine Blueprint. I've only thumbed through it, but I love it! It's only on it's second issue, but I'm already a fan. Click here for the ideas of how to build a sleek home office. It is exactly the look I'm going for in my basement.

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