Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone. I do love a long, three day weekend and this one was particularly good because I got to do so much and see so many people. Moe got into Kansas City Friday evening. We had dinner and drinks with Lisa, Kerri and Jenny. Then Em met us out for more drinks after that.

Well, Em wasn't drinking because, I'm not sure you can tell or not, she is expecting a baby. AT ANY MINUTE! This girl is having contractions every day. She is due on Thursday and I think it is better than all the Christmases you have in your life all rolled into one times 100. I'm SO excited to meet the little Weaver baby.

Em still joined Moe and I for breakfast along with our other friends and babies. Connor, Campbell, Thea and Madison all made an appearance. They were all so well behaved. First Watch didn't hate us at all.

Moe, Em and I went to get pedicures after breakfast and Em was the talk of the nail salon. She was like a mini-celeb. Everyone smiled and wanted to know how long she had, what she's having, etc. She had several contractions during the pedicure and I thought that Baby Weaver might arrive at Rose's Nails.

The rest of the weekend consisted of a very hot KU football game, fun times at Johnny's, some work in the "studio", a Thai food feast and much more. Such a fun weekend. I wish Moe was still around KC, but it makes seeing her a couple times a year that much better.

Back track a few days when I went to see my boyfriend Dave Matthews in concert. Dave didn't seem to mind that I brought my husband to his concert. Jenny and Andy and Brother went, too. It was a great concert. HE played quite a bit of his older music.

For some reason three giant hairy spiders decided to set up camp right outside of our back door. Chris said he wouldn't walk through the spiderweb for $100,000. Wuss.

We bought a new printer so I could try my hand at transferring images. I'm absolutely terrible at it. Practice makes perfect though, right. I got some paper jammed in it on the second try. The photo below was scanned in and then printed directly on antique sheet music. I thought it turned out pretty well and I'll continue to practice with actual transfers. I actually even joined a Yahoo Group. Nerd alert.

I just love the pictures of these six little girls holding hands on the playground. They just seem so innocent.

55 pieces and counting for Omaha. I hope to get 70, but will be happy with 60ish.

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