Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Occasionally I order photos in huge lots on eBay. It's a complete crap shoot because I never know what will arrive in my mailbox. Here are some real winners...

I think this is the Soprano family in days gone by. I think they are trying to give Meadow lung cancer from the second hand smoke and get her drunk on red wine.

Did any of you catch one of the first few episodes of Flight of the Conchords when Bret wanted to make a hair helmet - a bike helmet with hair on it? I'm pretty sure they got that bit from the picture above. I mean, seriously, was this ever a hairstyle? I sure hope it never comes back.

This photo just caught my eye because I'm sure it is Nicole Kidman's long lost twin. Weird!

And this is Cindy Morrison's long lost twin. For those of you that know her, does it not look like Moe's mom from her hippie days? (Moe, send me a picture and I'll update this post with a Perez-esque comparison).

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