Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's that time of year...

I love fall and everything that goes along with it! I love the colors, the crisp days and lazy football Sundays. The Plaza Art Fair kicked off this weekend it signifies to all of Kansas City that fall has arrived.

Chris and I volunteered on Friday and again on Sunday. I limited myself to buying one piece from Mark Traughber. He had some small pieces for just $33. I'm always a sucker for those small pieces that seem to find a place into my home or office with such ease.

I also loved Dolan Geiman, whose work is also featured on Etsy. Link back to his blog. I could use a few of his ideas for marketing! Bekah Ash is another artist I've now seen at several different shows. If I had the wall space for her large scale paintings on wood, I would have certainly purchased one by now. I'm absolutely in love with them! Lisa Lala looked like she had a fantastic show. She was the showcase artist and the t-shirts and banners sold out. It looked like all of her work had sold out too when I walked by on Sunday afternoon. I should have snatched up a piece a few years ago when she had her very first art fair. Her work is now double, but completely worth it.

This is an art fair, but not the Plaza Art Fair...I took this photo as we were packing up the Art on the Pointe Art Show in Omaha last weekend.

A picture of the pretty Nebraska landscape on our way home to Kansas.

Once a month we go to a cooking class that some one of Chris' parents friends do for Chris and his friends. They just moved in to an awesome Leawood home and literally own my dream kitchen. We made homemade peach salsa, brie in puff pastry with crackers, a celery and green apple salad, two kinds of pesto, chicken spiedini, fettuccine alfredo, pasta caprese, bananas foster with vanilla ice cream and roasted strawberries over shortcake drizzled in raspberry vodka! And LOTS of wine for a Monday. Holy was so good. I should get my act together and post the recipes here because everything was so easy. It's all butter, olive oil and garlic. So, so good.

Annie is a day ahead of lazy Sunday afternoons as she lounged on the top of the couch on Saturday night.

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